Top 8 Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps

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Top 8 Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps

Top 8 Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps: Keeping track of your investments is essential in the changing world of cryptocurrencies. A dependable and user-friendly portfolio tracker is crucial as your cryptocurrency holdings expand. Fortunately, several free apps are available that can easily manage your cryptocurrency investments.

This post will examine the top 8 free crypto portfolio tracker apps that combine ease of use, effectiveness, and distinctive features. Let’s investigate these methods to make sure your cryptocurrency investments continue to succeed.

Why a Crypto Portfolio Tracker is Necessary?

A portfolio tracker is your window into efficiently managing digital assets, given the ever-growing variety of cryptocurrencies and market volatility. These apps give you a thorough overview of your investments, real-time updates, and insights into the performance of your portfolio. A portfolio tracker simplifies the difficult process of managing various crypto assets, regardless of your level of trading experience or familiarity with the cryptocurrency market.

Apps to Track Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio for Free

Top 8 Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps.CoinStats is a flexible portfolio tracker with real-time price information and an intuitive user interface. It offers comprehensive charts and graphs for in-depth study and supports over 3,000 coins. CoinStats ensures you’re constantly updated with functions like automatic syncing and exchange integration.


The functionality and elegant appearance of Delta are impressive. It integrates with more than 300 exchanges and tracks over 6,000 cryptocurrencies. Delta is a well-liked option among crypto fans thanks to its watchlist customization and portfolio analysis capabilities.


Blockfolio is renowned for its brevity and clear layout. With real-time price tracking and thorough visualizations, Blockfolio makes it simple to keep track of the performance of your portfolio. The app also provides news updates to keep you up to date on the most recent happenings in the cryptocurrency world.

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CryptoCompare is a thorough platform for cryptocurrency study and a portfolio tracker. It offers price analysis, news updates, and historical data. Thanks to the portfolio tracking tool, you may access a multitude of information while keeping a close eye on your investments.


A popular tool for keeping tabs on cryptocurrency pricing and portfolio performance is CoinGecko. It has distinctive features like “CoinGecko Earn,” which enables you to profit from token staking by taking part in rewards programs. CoinGecko is a helpful tool in your cryptocurrency journey with a user-friendly design and a sizable database of coins.


A portfolio tracker with a focus on tax filing is called Koinly. Your tax obligations are automatically determined based on your trading activity. When filing your taxes, this special feature might make recording your cryptocurrency gains and losses much easier.


Altpocket blends portfolio tracking and social networking. You can communicate with friends using it, share the performance of your portfolio, and even engage in trading competitions. Your cryptocurrency investment path may take on a social component thanks to Altpocket’s community-driven strategy.


About tax filing and precise cost basis calculations, CoinTracker is renowned. It effortlessly interacts with various exchanges and wallets, making it simpler to follow your investments across several platforms. Using the app’s thorough tax reporting feature, you may save tension and time-consuming tasks during tax season.

How to Begin Using a Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Select the Proper App:

 Examine the apps as mentioned earlier features and suitability for your needs by researching them. Consider elements like the variety of cryptocurrencies supported, usability, and any special features.

Monitor Frequently:

 Continually add new purchases and transactions to your portfolio. To make wise judgments, keep an eye on pricing trends and variations.

Utilize Tools:

Look into the app’s analytical tools. Charts, graphs, and performance summaries can offer insightful information about the state of your portfolio.


Why do I need a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, and what does it accomplish?

A Bitcoin portfolio tracker is a device or software that enables you to monitor your cryptocurrency investments. It allows you to manage all of your different crypto assets in one location, track the performance of your portfolio, and receive real-time updates on price changes. You must have a portfolio tracker to keep you organized and informed and make better financial decisions.

 Is it free to use these portfolio tracker apps?

 The portfolio tracking apps that are listed in the article are, in fact, free. They provide several free options to help you manage and research cryptocurrency assets. However, several applications can also have paid premium versions with more features.

How do I include my cryptocurrency holdings in a portfolio tracker?

You can manually add your crypto assets to most portfolio tracker applications or interface them with your exchange accounts or wallets for automatic syncing. You can enter information like the cryptocurrency’s name, how much you possess, when you bought it, and how much it costs.

Can I use these apps to track several cryptocurrencies?

 The portfolio tracking applications listed do indeed support a variety of cryptocurrencies. Typical examples include countless altcoins and tokens and well-known ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

How frequently should I change my tracker portfolio?

 It’s advised to update your portfolio tracker whenever you sell assets, make a new cryptocurrency investment, or notice substantial price fluctuations. You can make better selections if regular updates reflect your portfolio’s performance correctly.

 How secure are these portfolio tracker apps?

The majority of trustworthy portfolio tracker applications put security first. To protect your data, they employ encryption and secure connections. However, it’s crucial to conduct your investigation and pick apps with positive user reviews and a history of security.

Can I use these applications to monitor the progress of my investments over time?

These applications offer features like graphs and charts that let you see how your investments have performed over different time frames. This function enables you to assess the performance of your investments and adjust your strategic decisions accordingly.

Can I use these applications on several devices?

 Yes, many portfolio tracker applications work with different gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. Some applications also have browser-based web versions available.

Do these apps include functions for tax reporting?

A few portfolio management software programs, such as CoinTracker and Koinly, provide tax reporting tools that enable you to determine your tax obligations depending on your trading activities. During tax season, these features may be very helpful.

Is it possible to move between various portfolio-tracking apps?

If you discover an app that better satisfies your needs, you can switch between them. However, it’s crucial to guarantee a seamless changeover.


Top 8 Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps, Successful investment ideas in cryptocurrency are built on a solid crypto portfolio. You can easily traverse the complicated world of crypto assets with the proper portfolio tracker app. Top 8 Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps: These free apps provide a range of functions to suit various interests, from sophisticated analysis tools to real-time price updates.

You’ll be better able to make wise judgments and meet your cryptocurrency investment objectives if you use these tools successfully and keep up with your investments. Because the cryptocurrency industry is always changing, having a trustworthy portfolio tracker is like having a compass to help you navigate the world of digital finance.

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